Sometimes the amount of data you want to see and the amount of space you have to display it arent always compatible. New Elite Digital gauges from AutoMeter provide you with options to help optimize your instrumentation without compromising on critical performance data that you need to keep your vehicle operating at its best. This combination Fluid Temperature gauge allows you to 2 temperature readings within a single 2 1/16 gauge which is matched to coordinate with popular AutoMeter designs. Featuring a bright LED seven segment display and 30 radial LED indicators, this digital instrument provides you with the ability to toggle between various display views in order to see each channel individually, a combination of both such as Channel 1 values displayed on the radial band and Channel 2 values reading out as a digital number in the center of the gauge, or a differential reading which indicates the difference between the two making this product ideal for comparing water/coolant, oil, trans fluid temperatures before and after coolers or as a comparison between various fluid systems. Custom alarm points can also be programmed for each channel which can be used to trigger outputs to activate other devices such as lights or buzzers, as well as causing the onscreen gauge display to blink in order to draw the drivers attention to critical readings. User selectable units for imperial and metric measures.
  • E-Z View Digital LED Display Maximizes Readability
  • 12 And 16 Volt Compatible
  • Incl. 1/8 in. NPT Data Acquisition Grade Solid-State Temp Sender
  • Incl. 3/8 And 1/2 in. NPT Adapters
  • View Each Input Channel Independently Or Combine Readings
  • Program Unique Alarms For Each Channel
  • Programmable Outputs To Activate Other Devices
  • Display Temp Values to 1 Degree
  • User Selectable Units
  • Display Data In Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • High Peak Pressure Recall Function For ea. Channel
  • 0-5V Analog Voltage Output
  • E-Z View Digital Display Min. Distracting High Speed Digit Change

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