KBS Coatings Cavity Coater - 17.5oz Aerosol 75100


Salt and random chemicals are the number one killer of automobiles. These substances can find their way into impossible places and start rusting and dissolving your vehicle from the inside out. That's where KBS Coatings stepped in and said "No more!" They engineered Cavity Coater so that your special vehicle doesn't become another statistic. Available in aerosol and liquid forms, Cavity Coater can be applied anywhere on your vehicle! Simply paint it on any surface of your vehicle to prevent rust and corrosion, then use the Cavity Wand attached to the aerosol can to seal up the inside of your frame as well! The chemical formula of Cavity Coater allows it to wiggle its way into nut and bolt threads and weld seams, places topcoats and primers simply cannot reach. Cavity Coat acts as an anti-seize coating when applied to moving parts, and will allow easy tear down of parts by keeping threads clear.


  • 4000+ Hours Of Salt Blocking Power
  • Creeps Into Welds And Seams
  • Penetrates Deeper Than Primers And Topcoats
  • Displaces Water
  • Self Healing
  • Works On A Number Of Different Surfaces, Not Just Metals
  • Prevents Corrosion And Rust On Nuts And Bolts
  • Resists All Forms Of Salts, And Most Chemicals And Acids

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