Lucas SAE 50 Plus contains organic moly and is super slick to reduce friction and increase efficiency for maximum RPMs. It is fortified with special anti-foam agents to guard against oil cavitation at high RPMs. It is especially designed to resist breakdown from contamination by racing fuels, even alcohol formulations. Our new blue color differentiates our product from competitive products. Lucas SAE 50 Plus is formulated to resist oxidation and ?thinning out? at high crankcase temperatures. It contains a high level of detergents and dispersants to resist sludge and varnish formation. It provides protection against rust and corrosion during shut downs and neutralizes combustion acids. Lucas SAE 50 Plus has special anti-wear additives for film formation to protect against scuffing and wear. We have significantly increased the zinc content to provide excellent wear protection even under the most adverse racing conditionsIt easily stands up to the high temperatures and longevity demands of stock car engines. When used in ordinary automotive applications, the user can expect up to three times longer oil life, higher oil pressure, lower oil temperatures, longer engine life and lower overall maintenance cost. The protective film of Lucas SAE 50 Plus assures a ?wet? start every time, even after long periods of non-use. It is excellent for use in worn engines. The protective additive film fills the gaps between worn parts to stop noise, oil consumption, smoking, leaking and further wear. For any situation that requires a heavier motor oil add Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer to gain the desired viscosity. It blends with any other motor oil, petroleum or synthetic. Lucas SAE 50 Plus is perfect for high performance differentials, transfer cases and manual transmission. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PASSENGER CARS REQUIRING API SERVICE OIL.

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