ODX Projektor Headlight Bulbs

I recently installed a pair of the ODX Projector series LED bulbs in my 2016 Ram and they are awesome.

I had a set of "no name, bought on Amazon" LED bulbs in there before and they were good but these ODX bulbs are almost twice as bright. They are spectacular!

I used to run the PIAA Extreme White bulbs, which were a nice and noticeable upgrade over the factory halogens, and I've even used the Silverstar Ultras (equivalent to the PIAA) in the past.

The "no name" LED bulbs were an improvement for sure over those "regular" bulbs but I was very disappointed when one of those LED bulbs quit working after a year.

That's when I tried the ODX. What a huge improvement! By far the most noticeable upgrade from all the lighting upgrades I've done on my truck over the past 6 years.

Putco Anti Flicker Module for LED Headlights Ram 1500

Install Tip:

On the Ram trucks I'd recommend using the Putco antiflicker modules over the

ODX ones in this application, only because they are slightly smaller and they fit in the headlight housings.

You will also need to heat and enlarge the housing cover on the back with a heat gun to clear the ODX bulbs (they need about an additional 3/8" of clearance).


ODX Projektor Series Headlight Bulbs .... They are worth every penny!

2016 Dodge Ram 1500 ODX Projektor Series Headlight Bulbs at JBs Power Centre