Versatile Quiet Tape™ from HushMat is the perfect toolbox addition for any installer or DIYer. Quiet Tape is an ideal solution for securing items like wires and cables or for eliminating rattling around plastic trim panels, doors, and more. It even tears easily using your hands, so you won’t need knives or scissors for on-the-fly application. Manufactured in the USA, single-sided HushMat Quiet Tape measures 1” wide and is reusable, with guaranteed adhesion. Available in 20-foot rolls (PN 30300).


  • 1” wide, reusable, single-sided utility tape
  • Secures wiring, cables, and harnesses
  • Anti-rattle applications around plastic trim panels, doors, and more
  • Segments tear off easily by hand.
  • Guaranteed adhesion
  • Available in 20-foot rolls
  • Manufactured in the USA

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